Prima Ballerina and Queen Of The Organ
Claudia Hirschfeld – born and living in Germany near Cologne - is a world renowned professional organist and keyboard player: a veritable Superstar on her instrument, who has not only performed successfully in Europe, but also in North and South America too. Most recently she caused a sensation in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) as well as China (Shanghai). Besides her work as a solo artist she has made a name for herself as an “orchestra” for well-known vocalists and instrumentalists, having accompanied world-famous opera stars like René Kollo, Eva Lind or the GERMAN TENORS and Germany’s leading trumpet player Walter Scholz on several occasions. She has numerous CD, DVD and video productions that are testimony to her tireless work, which support her reputation as the "First Lady" and "Queen of the Organ".
Claudia Hirschfeld commenced her career as a professional organist at the age of 18 with the release of her first recording "Summerlove". Now acclaimed as one of the finest performers on the electronic organ, she has appeared in concert in many Towns and European Cities as well as America, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Claudia Hirschfeld is also a much sought after celebrity attraction with major companies such as BMW, Coca Cola, Ford, Goodyear, Jaguar, Lufthansa or Siemens, for whom she can be found playing at their corporate events. Parties for the rich and famous also figure in her hectic concert diary, and include invitations to the homes of TV stars, who together with German Presidents Roman Herzog and Johannes Rau, are amongst her proudest moments. Adept at interpreting nearly all kinds of music: classics, dance, pop, evergreens, films and musicals, Claudia has written a number of personal compositions, some of which she includes on her recordings and in concert.
Claudia Hirschfeld, a veritable International Star of the organ world, plays nearly 100 shows a year touring with her three manual Wersi Louvre organ. With this highly sophisticated instrument she is able to create her individual style incorporating the sound of whole symphony orchestras, ensembles and Big Bands. Her unique and eye catching pedalboard technique has become her trademark, earning her international press acclaim as “Prima Ballerina of the Organ”.
For any other enquiries or bookings feel free to contact her by any of the means listed below:
Phone +49 (0) 151 – 240 15 900 (GMT +1)
Fax +49 (0) 2938 – 80 55 01
P.O. Box Claudia Hirschfeld, P.O. Box 1147, 59464 Ense, Germany

Music albums

Glanzlichter (with the German Tenors)
Il Concerto
(Fan Club Edition)
Wunderschöne Weihnachtszeit
Only Love
Buon giorno Italia 2006
The Wonder Of Music
Meilensteine - Milestones
Blackpool Favourites
With Compliments
Looking Back
Live In Concert
Jede Rose spricht von Liebe
Buon giorno Italia
Here I'm again


Dreams Of Dubai
Happy Radio
Mäuschen Riesenzahn
Wie stiller Tau
(mit Karl Ridderbusch)


At Carnglaze Slate Caverns
Concert in Vienna

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